1 – Design – The project design can be performed 100% by the customer, 100% by our experienced factory design team or a contribution by both parties.  We offer fast and cost effective designs based on the customer’s requirements.  We are constantly designing products and features for the future with input from many sources.  

2 – Successful Products Our products are successful in the U.S. because they have been launched in the Chinese market.  Our field proven products have been fine tuned to maximize the reliability. Also, exposure to the Chinese market has ensured only the most popular products are offered in the U.S.

3 – Intellectual Property – Our factories design and create products that are based on our patented core IP technologies.


1 – Lower Risk – The  U.S. products have been field proven in international markets

2 – Field Proven – Field feedback is gathered for metrics analysis.

3 – IP & Patent Rights – We hold the IP/Patent rights for the U.S. products

4 – Low Inventory – Our quick build cycles allow us to hold  low product inventory.

5 – Large Orders – We have a huge plant capacity that can accept big and small orders.

6 – Low PriceWe piggyback your orders onto high volume projects to achieve low,      

                           volume discount  prices.

7 – Low MOQ – We have many large projects and fat response times so we do not need a

                           high MOQ to achieve low prices and fast deliveries.

7 - No Tooling Fees – The tooling fees have already been paid for by others.

8 – Many Products – We offer a wide range of products because of our large factory

9- Fast and Easy Design Changes -   Our large group of design engineers keep the projects moving along.