About Topline Power

Who We Are

  Topline Power USA INC has been established as power of technology and outstanding development. Its product enhances our ability to simplify ones busy lives by managing, measuring, and monitoring ones appliances, lighting, and electronics whether one is on the go or at home. Topline Power Corporation has a broad choice of product line including USB plug-in board,  5-port USB power adapter,  smart plug panels, etc. In order to allow people to enjoy the convenience from technology, our team has continued improving our products through advance technology and increasing investment on researching and development.
   We insist on the concept of "Fine Technology Creates Easy Life," in order to provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers. In the future, Topline Power brand will be a leader in the technology information industry by providing services, relationship and profitability.  




What We Do

 People seldom pay attention to power strips.
We leave power strips in the corner or put power strips behind the desk so they can’t be seen.
We want to change this.
In our minds, power strips can do much more than you expect.
The ART is our first step to unveil the future.