About Topline Power

Who We Are

 The Topline Power merchandise scope is very wide with four major electronic product categories.  These products are built in our China manufacturing facilities.  The product categories listed below are comprised of both standard and customized products:

  • Surge Protectors, Power Strips, USB Chargers
  • USB Flash Drives, OTG Flash Drives
  • Digital Voice Recorders
  • Power Banks & Wireless Charging Pads

We know that these products are winners because Topline Power in China has had a very successful and long history with this  market segment.  This is supported by the fact that Topline Power  has four product lines that are ranked amongst the top 3 in sales. These products are our Surge Protectors/Power Strips,/USB Chargers ,OTG Flash Drives, Digital Voice Recorders and Power Banks. 

   Successful products come from successful companies. Topline Power has 23 years of history in four major electronic segments and holds nearly 500 patented product designs with an annual sales growth of 30% for the last 10 years. Due to our high growth, we have opened an additional new plant in the city of TianJin.  This plant works in concert with our established Beijing plant and over 100 OEM factories that work under our direction.

  Our large sales volume is based on reliable products created by our team of 150 researchers and designers who constantly expand our current product lines and address custom product opportunities.


What We Do


Designed for our valued channel partners, the Topline Power Partner Program provides powerful tools to enable our partners to be more successful selling and supporting reliable mobile device accessories

The Topline Power is leading-edge products deliver tailored OEM solutions for a broad range of industries and applications including: mass merchants, home improvement stores, e-commerce retailers, distributors and direct marketers. carriers, all from a sole source vendor