Intelligent Lighting System

Located in the beautiful hometown of Sun Yat-Sen-Zhongshan City, iTsEasy Electronics Co. Ltd is specialized in supply of intelligent lighting control system. Using technologies of wireless sensor network, wireless digital communication, and energy harvesting, the company has deasy to use and easy to maintain. It wins customer favorite and is currently the best cost-effective lighting control system at market.

iTsEasy believes in innovation, green, and is customer oriented. The company is dedicated to providing integral lighting control solutions to businesses and families, which help them to solve troubles when using the traditional control systems. iTsEasy owns many patents in this area. The products have also passed CE certification.​

In the future, intelligent lighting market will develop rapidly and the market size is expected to exceed RMB 200 billion Yuan. At present, intelligent lighting is developing to a new stage driven by smart city and smart home. As to LED intelligent lamps market, LED is widely applied on lighting market as hardward prices decreases. Most decorative lighting practitioners believe that intelligent lamps and related system equipment will develop rapidly in the coming years, in addition to household products. According to a conservative estimate, the development potential of LED and household lighting products will break through 40%.

Vision and Mission
Vision - Offer convenient and comfortable lighting to everyone's home
Mission - iTsEasy will, with wireless sensing network technology as the core, provide global user with intelligent lighting control solution with easy installation, easy to use and easy to maintenance, through keep improving product features.



EN is a revolutionary intelligent lighting control system in the 21st Century. The system consists of various intelligent modules and sensors with Internet of Things technology as the core and requires no excavation and wiring, so that the light and other electric equipment are controlled by various means at will, through wireless switch, infrared ray, illumination sensor and smart terminals, such as iPhone, iPad, Android mobile phone, tablet computer, etc. LED intelligent driving power supply is integrated with wireless control modules to achieve easy installation, flexible reconstruction, simple operation and configuration.

Multiple Controlling Modes for Your Choice
You can set various lighting combination and control effects, define time for turning on/off lights or turning on multiple group of lights, and set various lighting scenes using mobile phone or tablet PC at any time.

Fast And Simple Installation
No wiring is required; intelligent wireless switch can be placed at any location; actuators can be directly installed at the place where lamp holder is located. Electricians are able to conduct installation and maintenance without need for special training.

Multiple Ways To Control
Lighting can be controlled with smart phones (such as iPhone), tablet computers, wireless switches, wireless infrared detectors, etc.

Capable To Control of Illuminating Brightness And Color Temperature
EN is capable not only for turning on/off the lights but also adjusting lamp brightness and color temperature.

One-To-Multiple Control, Multiple-To-One Control
You can control one electric equipment or multiple electric equipment with one wireless switch, or control one electric equipment with multiple wireless switches.


On/Off and LED coloring and dimming

Dimming control of LED lamps: push and hold the light-up button on wireless switch or slide the brightness indicator icon on mobile phone, and the light will turn from dim to bright slowly; and push and hold the light-down button on wireless switch or slide the brightness indicator icon on mobile phone, and the light will turn from bright to dim slowly until to go out. Meanwhile, the color temperature-adjustable light can be controlled by intelligent LED driving power supply and the color temperature can be adjusted continuously by wireless switch or mobile phone.

Turning on/off electric equipment with wireless switch and mobile phone

Lamps may be controlled in different ways. For example, if you want to turn on bedroom lamp, you can either press the button on wireless switch or touch the icon on mobile phone. You can turn on/off the light through touching the light-on icon on iPhone or Android phone, and adjust color temperature of brightness through sliding brightness indicator icon.

Simultaneously turning on/off a group of lamps

eN provides a function called Area Control, which allows a group of lamps being controlled all together, just like one lamp. Users may create, edit, or delete an area at any time.
Take an office building as an example, areas can be defined base on function area of department, such as finance area, R&D area, and administration area. Lamps within an area can be controlled all together with on switch button, simple and easy.

One-to multiple control, multiple-to-one control

One switch can be easily configured to control one or multiple lamps; one lamp or area can also be easily configured to be controlled by multiple switches. The configuration can be done by using eN App on smart phone.
You can set the entrance door switch for turning on/off ceiling lamp, sofa switch for turning on/off wall lamp, TV wall switch for turning on/off television lamp, or simultaneously turning on/off ceiling lamp, wall lamp and television lamp, or set any of entrance door switch, sofa switch and TV wall switch for turning on/off ceiling lamp.



Lighting control timer

eN provides timer functions to turn electric equipment on or off at certain time, which may improve safety and help conserving energy. For example, in a office environment, water dispenser can be scheduled to be powered on at 8:00am and be powered off at 7:00pm for convenience in use and energy conservation. In the past, the staffs often forget to turn off the water dispenser, and other electric equipment, which results in wasting a lot of energy.
For household application, when taking vacation, set timers to turn on some lamps at 7:00pm and turn off all lamps at 11:00pm automatically. This creates a virtual situation that you are at home and thus prevents thief from entering the room.

Infrared detection

Wireless infrared sensors may be installed at office or hotel corridor. eN will light up corridor lamp slowly when it detects a person entering, which saves energy and offers solemn welcome feeling.

Configuration of not easy to lose

The system configuration is saved on MicroSD card and can be backed up to computers. If for some reason, your controller needs to be replaced, you need only to insert the original MicroSD card into the new controller, no need of reconfiguration.


Curtain Control

You can use eN to open and close of electric curtain.
If you like the first rays of warm sunlight to shine into your room in the morning, you need only to touch the curtain icon on mobile phone, when lying in bed, without the need of walking to window to open the curtains by yourself.


​Self Powered Wireless Products
Self-powered wireless products adopt energy harvesting and low power technologies, including a variety of products, such as wireless switch, passive and wireless window & door magnetic sensor, and wireless illumination sensor.

Pressing down a button on the wireless switch, the mechanical energy will be concerted to electric energy, enough for sending the signal to controllers. The self-powered wireless switches need neither using battery nor connection to power line.

Centralized Management Platform
As the covering range a controller has a distance limit, dozens or even hundreds of eN controllers are required for office building control. The centralize management platform provides users with an unique user interface, through which users can conduct configuration and management of all controlled loops, switches, sensors and so forth. The plat form will connect to the controllers in accordance with configuration parameter automatically, issue configuration or control commands. With the platform, users can carry out the centralized control to all floors and office areas, detect the state of lighting or electric equipment, issue timed task and switch scene mode. In this way, energy cost may be reduced, meantime avoiding the labor cost of building patrolling.

  • Lighting Control with Multiple Ways
  • LED Lights with Adjustable Color Temperature and Dimming
  • Controlling Electric Equipment by Wireless Switches and Smart Phones
  • One-to-multiple control, multiple-to-one control
  • Turning on/off the Lights in and Area Simultaneously
  • Multiple Scenes You Define
  • Preventing System Configuration from Getting Lost
  • Infrared Sensors
  • Fast and Simple Installation

For implementing eN lighting control system, only 3 type of products are needed, the wireless switch, controller, and actuator, all of them can be installed and configured easily. Moreover, adjusting the control effect of wireless switches is also simple. You may select a room to test out eN. After experiencing its benefits, and are satisfied with it, you may then purchase and install complete set of eN products.

The Installation of Wireless Switch
Wireless switches can be installed without using any screws. You can paste them at the entrance, by sofa and TV set, or any other places that are convenient to you, even on glass. After installation, you may configure how the switches will control LED lights with eN smart phone.

The installation of intelligent Controller
Intelligent controller has an attractive appearance and can be installed at any place at your home (suggestion: installing it at a central location of your home, may b e mount it at ceiling, to ensure the optimum performance). You need only to insert the plug of the controller's power supply into a wall power socket and connect it to your home network via Wi-Fi, without the need of other wiring.

The Installation of Actuator
The actuator can control one circuit loop, and is small in size and elegant, applicable to different decorative styles and easy to install. You need only to install it by lamp or electric equipment, through connecting incoming line of actuator to power line, and the outgoing line of it to lamp or electric equipment.

The Installation of Intelligent LED Driving Power Supply
The intelligent LED driving power supply may replace the traditional LED driving power supply directly, installing it the same way, and you are done.

If You Buy A New Wireless Switch
Example: if you controlled living room toplight with entrance door switch only before, and now purchase a switch and place it by the aisle and desire to control living room toplight with it.

  1. Scan QR code of new switch in eN application and select control "living room toplight" on switch setting page
  2. Paste the new switch on the aisle in your home
  3. Press new switch on the aisle to turn on living room toplight.

If You Buy A New Lamp
Example: if you controlled living room toplight with entrance door switch only before, and now purchase a desk lamp and place it by sofa and desire to control new lamp with entrance door switch. Step:

  1. Insert the plug of desk lamp into wireless socket and switch on.
  2. Search the wireless socket through intelligent control on mobile phone or scan the product bar code through mobile phone camera, to add the new equipment into existing system, and then correspond it to "entrance door switch".
  3. Press the switch at entrance door to turn on desk lamp.

If You Buy A New Intelligent LED Driving Power Supply
Example: if you used the lamp under on/off control only and after then purchase an intelligent LED driving power supply and supporting LED lamps, you can experience the comfortable effect from adjustment of brightness and color temperature.

  1. Turn on intelligent LED driving power supply and connect LED lamps correctly.
  2. Search the intelligent LED driving power supply through intelligent control on mobile phone or scan the product bar code through mobile phone camera
  3. You can conduct dimming and adjust color temperature (if LED lamps support color temperature adjustment) of LED lamps through mobile phone, equipment into existing system.

If You Desire To Replace Wireless Switch
Example: if you controlled living room toplight with entrance door switch before, now you purchase a wireless switch to replace the entrance door switch damaged and install the wireless switch in the same place as that of the entrance door switch damaged.

  1. Take down the original switch and paste the new wireless switch.
  2. Input the code of new wireless switch into eN application on mobile phone, or scan the product bar code, through mobile phone camera, to eN application, to replace the code of damaged product.
  3. Press the new wireless switch at entrance door to turn on living room toplight.